Friday, May 05, 2006

Day #22 Staunton, VA to Hagerstown, MD

At the Hagerstown, Maryland Police Memorial

Today we began our ride in Staunton Virginia. The first group out consisted of Bruce, Nancy, Tony, Dawn and Scott Bzdak (Culpepper Co Sheriff, VA). The ride was very nice with a slight head wind. Over numerous small rollers the riders went, passing the wonderful Virginia landscape. It was very enjoyable ride.

The second group (Rob, Dennis, SB, Scott and Kevin) started out in the same small rollers with a slight headwind. Scott rode with them for about 25 miles before heading off to work. We rode right into a huge parade day in Winchester, Va. Luckily the local PD got us into town to switch out groups.

The final group (Craig, Pat, Steve and Fred) headed out and through the big party in Winchester, VA. They actually rode in 3 states. Started in VA went through West VA and finished up in Maryland. They had a great ride with perfect weather.

Later the entire team went to Hagerstown PD for the Memorial service. In attendance we several local Sheriff’s Depts. and Local Police Departments. The ceremony went well and we presented a Memorial Baton to Officer Kendal of the Hagerstown Police Dept. It was our 8th Ceremony thus far.

Tomorrow we head to Allentown, Penn. for our final Ceremony and last day before arriving in Florham Park. Everyone is truly excited and more importantly Honored to be so close to completing this endeavor…

The View from Maryland looking towards West Virginia

Craig, Pat, Steve and Fred heading out in the last stretches of Virginia
At the West Virginia border

SB did not want to leave one car and go to another? Huh?
Tony with Dawn, Bruce, Nancy and Scott Bzdak down a hill
Deputy Scott Bzdak riding with us for 70 miles
Kevin thinking about things for the blog tonight...
Dennis, Rob, Scott, Kevin and SB move'n on
CC Rosen and Sons, with the crew who helped us out with the tire we destroyed on the Durango


Anonymous jmhnrh said...

Well you guys are almost there - what a amazing achievement - you all should be so very proud of yourselves and I can"t wait to meet everyone in DC. Kev, I hope you can relax after this and take it easy for a while - and maybe you can let Dennis take it easy before you come up with a new adventure. Love, Jeanne & Nick

9:08 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Good day from Sacramento.
I awakened will all of you on my mind as well as a hope that someone will sieze the time and have an 18 month calendar of this momentous tour created for an
additional fund raising tool and keepsake for yourselves and all who have been following you these many days.
The Lowery Family is here to purchase a few from our favorite
CHP Officer.
Be blessed.

12:46 PM  

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