Saturday, May 06, 2006

Day #23 Hagerstown, Md to Allentown, Pa

Ceremony in Allentown, PA
Sunrise in Maryland...
Group 1 (Patrick, Dennis, Rob and Kevin) awoke to sunny skies. Today was the last time that the groups would ride separately. Tomorrow we will complete the entire final leg together. Group 1 rode through downtown Hagerstown then headed to the countryside. Rolling hills and green wheat pastures lined the roadway. We stopped at the Pennsylvania border for a picture and found a cement Mason Dixon Line marker. Once we arrived in Pennsylvania, the group was met with one of the toughest hills we have had so far and one in which they could only ride at only 7-8mph. Down hill however was a different story with the group hitting 50 mph! Sgt Hall and Deputy Backensto from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department met us after the border and escorted us through their county. Patrick, Dennis, Rob and Kevin pedaled through historic Gettysburg.

Group 2 (SB, Fred, Steve and Craig) began riding from east of York and began to get into heavier traffic. On route 30 we had to get off this divided highway and head into uncharted waters. After some GPS work the group was back on track. The group moved along briskly with each team member taking turns in the front. The highlight of the ride was when Group 2 crossed the mighty Susquehanna River. It was beginning to heat up outside when they arrived at the switch point.

Group 3 (Dawn, Tony, Bruce and Nancy) took the final leg. Deputy Kyle Hummel of the Berks County Sheriff’s Office gave us an escort until we were almost to Allentown, PA. The group headed into some beautiful winding roads lined with Oak and Cherry trees. A pretty strong crossing wind came up and it eventually became a head wind. The group worked the pace line to perfection and made great time. Once the riders got into Allentown, Police Officer Joe Iannetta escorted them safely to the Hotel.

Later we held a ceremony at the Allentown Police Headquarters. Chief Roger J. MacLean spoke about our cause and then later was presented with a Engraved Memorial Baton. The Honor Guard for the Allentown PD posted the colors and a wreath was placed at the memorial monument. Captain Schwartz was instrumental in putting together the ceremony. We really appreciate all his work. It was well attended by many members of the Allentown PD.
Today was the final ceremony we are holding before meeting up with all of our other Brother and Sister Officers tomorrow in Florham Park, New Jersey.

SB "the Wrench" Bua fixing a trailer flat
Bruce, Nancy, Tony and Dawn rolling through Kutztown, PA with the local TV filming their arrival.

Fred, SB, Steve and Craig crossing the Susquehanna river...

At the Pennsylvania border with Maryland....

The Mason - Dixon Line at the Maryland border with Pennsylvania...

Rob, Pat, Dennis and Kevin riding through the beautiful countryside, with Tony taking an interesting picture...

There are many forms of riding going on in Pennsylvania...


Blogger Canyon Community Church said...

Great to read about your adventures. Thank you for honoring fallen law enforcement folks.

We miss our buddy, Tony Lowery, here on the West Coast. God speed!

Love, the Canyon Community Church Family

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all achieved something truly amazing. You set the example of greatness that others can only dream of. You have given so much for this worthwhile cause. My prayers are with you for the final leg of your journey. See you in DC. You are all our heros. Love you Dennis. Marilyn

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Whoever has been doing this blog is to be highly congratulated!! It has been wonderful for us to see and read of all the country you have been riding through. And your determination on hills rough roads etc has been great. We are really proud of all of you and the memorials you have been doing have brought tears to me most time!!

Our prayers are with you and please be careful!!

Love you all, Nancy's MOM

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:55 AM  
Anonymous Pam said...

You are the most incredible group of men and women that I know. Your perseverance, stamina and determination is a beacon for us all. I will miss the daily blog of your adventures, but know that while they have been read on a daily basis, my heart, and prayers have been with you along the way. You have brought tears to my eyes, with an undying admiration for what you have done. I love you all, and look forward to seeing you in D.C.
The non-riding Bluestein (Pam)

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shane and crew!
The pictures of the countryside are beautiful!! Riding over the Susquehanna River must have been amazing. You travelled through our old stomping grounds, where John used to ride daily. One day left until you join the other courageous officers. You should be so proud of yourselves. What an amazing trip. Much love and encouragement---P,J,B, and Slate

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are special individuals and even greater as a group. The months of preparation and training in all weather conditions, (the aches and pains ??), the discipline and enormous,yet it pales in comparison to the memorials and lives you've touched along your unbelieveable journey. Finish strong and be proud of what you've accomplished. Great job Dennis.
John and Mary

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Late Freight said...

Good morning and may GOD bless all participants. We know that GOD is richly blessing all of the families touched by your trip. Please tell AAA Tony that his brother (Merced) stopped "looking at the pictures" long enough to say that I (We)love'm and pray for a safe return for all. David,Carla and AAAron

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Ron Burgundy said...

Why wasn't Bua wearing a Steelers helmet while crossing the mights Susquehannah??? Ride on, riders!!! We're following you every mile of the way!

9:10 PM  

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