Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day #24 Allentown, PA to Florham Park, NJ

Easton, PA Police Lt. James R. Reilly was presented with a Memorial Baton by Officer Rob Stober of the Cross Country Team. Easton Officer Jesse Sollman was killed in 2005. Lt. Reilly is going to present the baton to the widow, Carin Sollman.

Today all 12 riders began the final leg of the Cross Country Ride in Allentown, PA. We had Motor support from the Police Unity Tour and the Easton PD. The weather was brisk, 48 degrees, but no one was complaining. This ride was the culmination of a years worth of work, planning and preparation. Every member of this team has trained hard and taken off from work to do this ride. Not one member would want it any other way.

We have undertaken this endeavor for one reason, to honor our fellow Officers, heroes, who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. We all have considered it a true honor to represent the Police Unity Tour in this ride. As we rode into Florham Park we were met by none other than Pat Montoure, Harry Phillips and other Unity Tour members.

Today, the ride finished a tough 74 miles that were filled with many many hills. One hill we hit outside of Easton, PA was a 16% grade for over ½ mile. Rob Stober’s parents supplied food and extended great hospitality to us. As we continued on to our completion our team looked sharp all the way to the finish.
Monday will be a rest day and Tuesday we leave Florham Park to ride to NYC Ground Zero for a Ceremony and then on to Woodbridge, NJ.

A picture of our Team upon arrival in Florham Park, NJ
Our Team as we crossed into New Jersey

We stopped for a Team picture and lunch at Rob Stobers house in New Jersey

All 12 Team members riding into New Jersey


Blogger Michelle said...

Congratulations guys. What a major accomplishment and tribute to your fellow officers. I am very proud to say I know you Shane.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

These group pictures are really good to see. Congratulations to each of you for achieving this goal you planned and worked so hard for. I would like to add a special thank you to Kevin for keeping us a little closer to our loved ones with this website.
See you soon, Tony!xo

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer Eskra said...

Congratulations guys (and gals) on making it to NJ!!! What an accomplishment!

By the way, to all you X-country riders, just be glad that when going through Gettysburg that Dennis was biking and not riding, or he would have given you a lecture on the history of the city during the Civil War, told you about all the battles (in detail) about the historical significance of each house, stone and statue. Trust me on this - I know from first hand experience!

Also Dear Dennis (fatherness of mine), some things DO get passed on through DNA... your grandson this weekend decided to start DRINKING maple syrup. Now, I wonder from where he could have gotten that?!?!

Good luck on the ride when you join the other officers, and we can't wait to see you home safe and sound!


8:32 AM  
Blogger Graeme said...

Congratulations team! Kate and I were inspired to see you all in Staunton, VA. Good luck the rest of the way to D.C.!

All the best,
Graeme Leiser

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all should be very proud of your accomplishment;we are!! I can't believe you are there already; it seems like only yesterday that we talked about what days you were taking off. I am really excited about seeing everyone ride in on Friday. Be safe and know we are all with you! Payroll Debbie

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Sheila said...

Congratulation on a job well done.
The smiles on your faces speaks a thousand words on how excited & happy you all are to have completed the 1st part of your journey. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you as you join your brothers & sisters for the final leg. Fred, you're holding up pretty well for a potential AARP member. I'll talk to you when you get home.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hope you enjoyed riding through my part of the USA over the weekend. Haven't been there in sometime. Have a great time in NYC.

Emily, Elaine, Ruth, Josie & Brittany

12:04 PM  
Blogger Shey said...

Hey Guys,
It was an honor to be a part of your experience yesterday. Being the impatient, speedy driver that I normally am, it was an adjustment to follow you in the support van at rates of 8 to 35 mph, however the full motor support and overall feeling of unity was amazing. It was great to see Rob enjoying the ride through his home state of NJ with all of you. I've had a wonderful time spending time with each and every one of you these past few days. You guys have become like Rob's extended family and I hope that won't change. Best of luck with your ride to DC! See you all soon! - Shey

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Christopher and Jaron said...

Dear Mr. Officer White,
It looks like your having fun on your bike ride. We're happy that you were able to make it. What was your favorite part of the trip? Are you going to come back to Briggs again? Asta la bye bye!

from,Christopher and Jaron {from your favorite 5th grade}

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Joselyne and suzi said...

Dear Mr. Officer White,
Do you like to smile when people are taking pictures?Do you get tired riding day after day after day?I really liked the horse picture.I hope you do this for lots of years.I hope you come visit us again.

From Suzi and Joselyne&
From your favorite 5th grade

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Nick and Mark said...

Dear Mr. Officer White,
Congratulations! You guys did it. Good job, it looks like you guys had fun. We're glad you guys made it safely. What was your favorite part about the trip, why? See you soon. LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From,Nick and Mark
{From your favorite fifth grade}

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Maria & Mandi said...

Dear Mr.Officer White, We miss you. How are you? Congrats on making it there so quickly! We really like the pictures,they're cool! We wish we could have come with you. It looked cool! Say hi to everyone for us. We hope we see you soon!

From:Maria & Mandi (from your favorite 5th grade)

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Mireya and Elissa said...

Dear Officer White,
Congrats on your bike riding! It takes a really nice and brave person such as yourself to do what u did! Hope to see u again 1day!
We liked the pictures! TTyl
That means talk to you later!
Bye From,Mireya & Elissa!
(your favorite 5th grade)

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Diana,Teresa y Elizabeth said...

Hola! como estan? los felicitamos por haber llegado bien.

Hi! how are you guys thank you for sending the picturs.

Buena Suerte,
Diana, Teresa y Elizabeth
(de su quinto grado favorito)

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Zionne and Grace said...

Dear Officer White
We told you that you could
do it.(Zionne and Grace)I bet you guys are happy and tired.(Zionne)
Who took the picture of the horse?(Grace) She's the horse loving girl. Just like Ms.White, our favorite teacher.(remember her now?) Shanelle thinks your a really nice guy. You guys took some really cool pictures. What was your favorite part of the trip? Did you guys get to stop at any cool places? Did you guys actually stop at I-Hop? Did you guys have to ride through stormy weather? Fly home safely!

From Zionne Grace and Shanelle
and your favorite 5th grade

6:06 PM  
Anonymous diego z. and mark g. said...

Dear Mr.Officer white,
Hi .how are you doing? you are almost there to Washington D.C.Good job,you got there fast.What was your favorite part about your trip.So when are you coming back to our school.Feel free to emil back.Be safe.

From: Mark G and lil' Diego
(your favorite 5th Grade)

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Jorge and Wesley said...

Dear Mr.OfficerWhite,
What are you doing? We want you to know that you are doing a good job and to keep up the good work.Hey! When are you coming to Briggs School?I Jorge loved the picture With the motorcycles with the Oklahoma sign. Thanks for sending all the pictures to us.

From Jorge and Wes,

6:09 PM  
Anonymous brandon said...

Dear Mr. Officer White,

Hi There! How Are You Doing?
Hope Ya Doing Good. You Guys Are Doing A Good Job. What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Trip? Well Gotta Go, See Ya Later.


(from your favorite 5th grade)

6:11 PM  
Anonymous miss white said...

Dad (Mr. Officer White),
The kids and I are EXTRAORDINARILY proud of you! It has been really fun watching your ride across the states. I never had a doubt that you would make it! Just a few more days until you are in D.C., when you can really "let loose"!
Lots of Love,

6:17 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Kev, congratulations your almost home,looking forward to seeing you when you get home, be safe, and keep trying to hitch a ride on that double bike. talk to you soon, tell your fellow riders they all look happy and healthy, Sue, Jim, and kids

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Congratulations for a job well done. You should all be extremely proud of such a monumental accomplishment.
I’d also like to thank you for allowing me the honor of participating in a small portion of your journey.

(Easton Motors)

9:47 PM  
Anonymous The Lee Family said...

To the entire team, congratulations from the Lee Family! Great job! Nancy and Bruce we miss you and look forward to all your stories. Continue on safe,,,,,,,,, we miss you!

David and Marjorie

12:19 PM  
Blogger ptpd118 said...

oMy Department provided traffic assistance for the tour today, on your way from Allentown,PA to the service in Easton, PA.

I was impressed, awestruck and very humbled as you guys rode by me. I wanted to say thank you for what you do and represent, and thanks to your families as well!

Stay Strong.

Prayers for ALL Law Enforcement Officers Gone but not forgotten. God Bless all their families.

Easton Police Officer Jesse Sollman E.O.W. 3/25/2005....R.I.P brother, you are missed. Watch over your family and Brothers and Sisters.

CPL Wayne Smith
Palmer Township police, PA

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Officer White said...

My favorite fifth grade class,
Hey guys. Thanks for the e-mails and the words of encouragement, it really means a lot to me.
We are now in DC and it's so nice not to have to be on a bike for a while, my seat is sore.

There are to many queations for me to answer so when I get back I will definately be coming back to Briggs to see you all and tell you the whole story.
Tonight we will put on our uniforms and go to the Candlelight Vigil, which is a ceremony to honor the officers that have fallen over the last year. There will be 155 names read at the ceremony to honor them. I have the privilage of reading some of the names and one of them is from 1898.
I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you but there hasn't been any time until now. We will be coming back on Tueday, May 16th and I will call Miss White(Kelly) and and set a date so I can come see you.
Be good and stay safe,
Officer White(Craig)

1:37 PM  

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