Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day #27 Woodbridge, NJ to Wilmington, DE

Crossing the big bridge into Delaware

Today was our first 100 mile day with the entire Unity Tour. It was a great day with mostly sunny skies and mild winds. The pace was low but everyone's spirits were high as we rode our bikes into Delaware. Along the way numerous people, school kids and fellow Officers cheered us on. It is truly inspiring to see all the support. 400 strong moving in unity....tomorow we will ride another 100 miles to Annapolis, Maryland...

Nancy and Dawn on a break from riding
The long thin "Blue Line"

Arizona and Texas talking "shop" at the start of the day..
Pat and SB moving along....

Traveling through New Jersey

Tom, Dennis, Dave, Bob and Kevin from APD
Tom, Jim and Dennis having a great time

Bruce and Tom getting ready for a 100 mile day...


Blogger Michele Hebrank said...

Hey hey Bruce and Nancy,

What an incredible accomplishment and such a moving tribute to all those who have fallen. All of us here in CA miss you and are so proud to call you our friends. But we can't wait till you're back here riding with US!!!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw you as you rode Route 18 through Kent Island MD on your way to Annapolis about 6 pm this evening. I did not know who you were, but the sight of all of you riding was thrilling and inspiring. So, I pulled over in my car and cheered you on. I was glad that several of you responded. You did not look as if you were at the end of a day that covered 100 miles of cycling. You all looked like you were doing great. I hope you made it to your destination before the storm hit. Good Luck to all of you on this major journey! I will keep you in my heart.

7:44 PM  

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